• Rainbow Laces

      Rainbow Laces

    • Mini Gummy Eggs

      Mini Gummy Eggs

    • Gummy Peach Rings

      Gummy Peach Rings

    • Sliced Gummy Peaches

      Sliced Gummy Peaches

    • Gummy White Grapefruit

      Gummy White Grapefruit

    • Gummy Bears

      Gummy Bears

    • Mini Swedish Fish

      Mini Swedish Fish

    • Pink (chewy!) Cadillacs

      Pink (chewy!) Cadillacs

    • Gummy Spiders

      Gummy Spiders

    sour gummies

    • Saint Valentine Sour Cherry Gummies

      Saint Valentine Sour Cherry Gummies

    • Sour Patch Apples

      Sour Patch Apples

    • Sour Patch Cherries

      Sour Patch Cherries

    • Sour Patch Kids

      Sour Patch Kids

    • Sour Patch Watermelons

      Sour Patch Watermelons

    • Sour Gummy Worms

      Sour Gummy Worms

    • Gummy Cherry Rings

      Gummy Cherry Rings


      • Jelly Beans

        Jelly Beans

      • Mike and Ikes

        Mike and Ikes

      • Chewy Sprees

        Chewy Sprees

      • Skittles


      • Cotton Candy Taffy

        Cotton Candy Taffy

      • Peppermint Taffy

        Peppermint Taffy

      • Banana Taffy

        Banana Taffy

      • Fruit Tootsie Rolls

        Fruit Tootsie Rolls

      • Raspberry and Blackberry Gumdrops

        Raspberry and Blackberry Gumdrops

      • Champagne Bubbles

        Champagne Bubbles

      • Bit-O-Honey


      • Mary Janes

        Mary Janes

      • Caramel Creams

        Caramel Creams

      • Jelly Bellys (49 flavors)

        Jelly Bellys (49 flavors)

      • Tangerine Jelly Belly's

        Tangerine Jelly Bellys

      • Coconut Jelly Bellys

        Coconut Jelly Bellys

      • Bubble Gum Jelly Belly's

        Bubble Gum Jelly Bellys

      • Black Licorice Jelly Belly's

        Black Licorice Jelly Bellys

      • Cherry Sours

        Cherry Sours

      • Hot Tamales

        Hot Tamales

        hard candy

        • Watermelon Drops

          Watermelon Drops

        • Jolly Ranchers

          Jolly Ranchers

        • Root Beer Barrels

          Root Beer Barrels (Individually Wrapped)

        • Hopjes Coffee Candy

          Hopjes Coffee Candy

        • Werther's Original Caramel Hard Candy

          Werther's Original Caramel Hard Candy

        • Runts


        • Banana Heads

          Banana Heads

        • Smarties


        • Jaw Busters

          Jaw Busters

        • Sweet Tart Smiles

          Sweet Tart Smiles

        • Candy Buttons

          Candy Buttons

        • Rock Candy Crystals

          Rock Candy Crystals

        • Lemonheads


        • Mini ½ “ Jawbreakers

          Mini ½ “ Jawbreakers

        • Atomic Fire Balls (Individually Wrapped)

          Atomic Fire Balls (Individually Wrapped)

        • Cinnamon Hearts

          Cinnamon Hearts


          • m&m’s


          • Mini m&m’s

            Mini m&m’s

          • Peanut m&m's

            Peanut m&m's

          • Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

            Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

          • Reese’s Pieces

            Reese’s Pieces

          • Mini Reese’s Pieces

            Mini Reese’s Pieces

          • Chocolate Rocks

            Chocolate Rocks

          • Holland Mint Chocolates

            Holland Mint Chocolates

          • Tootsie Rolls

            Tootsie Rolls


          • Good and Plenty

            Good and Plenty

          • Licorice Bridge Mix

            Licorice Bridge Mix


            • Black Licorice Pastels

              Black Licorice Pastels

            • Boston Baked Beans

              Boston Baked Beans

            • Gumballs


            • Chick-O-Sticks


            • Surprise Me!

              Surprise Me!

            • Jordan Almonds

              Jordan Almonds

            • Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles

              Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles

            • Wasabi Peas

              Wasabi Peas

            • Almonds (roasted & salted)

              Almonds (roasted & salted)

            • Dried Cranberries

              Dried Cranberries

            • Peanuts (roasted & salted)

              Peanuts (roasted & salted)

            • Pistachios