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Send ❤️ and treats INSTANTLY!

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You know what they say! The way to the heart is through… the stomach. So why not make it SWEET and PERSONAL this Valentine's Day?!

Let them choose their perfect date night treats or tasty drinks from hundreds of options… plus candles and flowers too! 

We make it oh-so-easy to send your favorite all of THEIR favorites at the click of a button – no arrow required! 💘

Upload ANY photo to make your card extra special and we'll include it with their Sugarwish. They'll get exactly what they want, sealed with a pic! 💋All that’s left to do is take credit for your genius gift-giving skills! 

The best part? We’ll deliver straight to their door in gorgeous, limited-edition Valentine’s Day boxes, while supplies last.

Sugarwish is the perfect way to celebrate ALL of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. 🥰 Nothing says “Be Mine” quite like candy and wine!

P.S. Our eCards can be sent instantly by email, text, social media, you name it! They won’t even know that Valentine’s Day snuck up on you this year if you procrastinated. It happens to the best of us!

Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague or loved one through email or text.

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