This Company is Basically Trick-or-Treating for Adults

Monday, October 1, 2018 03:20:23 PM UTC

Real talk: Adulting is hard (why are there so many bills to pay and how come everything hurts?). And just to make being a grown-up even more difficult, it’s no longer socially acceptable to knock on people’s doors on Halloween night and get candy in return. Womp-womp.

Enter Sugarwish, a candy delivery service that allows you to receive delicious treats this fright night from friends, family and colleagues—all without having to play dress-up.

Here’s how it works: Your new favorite person in the entire universe picks a gift on the website and sends you an e-card. Then, you decide exactly which treats you want (because candy corn is for suckers), and the goodies are delivered to you ASAP.

BRB, forwarding this article to everyone we know.