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Employee Appreciation Ups Productivity!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 10:07:35 PM UTC

Employee appreciation increases job satisfaction, overall happiness….AND improves the bottom line! 

According to Forbes,  employees that are appreciated are both happier AND more productive (up to 12%!).  Want to increase your companies productivity and make your employees smile? 

Send a little something that lets them know you appreciate them.  It will pay off for them—and for you. :)

#theydeservecandy #youdeserveimprovedproductivity

Love is in the Air-row :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 02:17:47 AM UTC

Love and Candy are the essence of Valentine’s Day. 

And while gifting something sweet is expected, adding a thoughtful twist (like a candy gift from CUPID, that allows THEM to choose their favorites) really delivers the LOVE, and the fun in the sweetest way!  #theydeserveloveandcandy #cupidgram 

HAPPY (not belated) Birthday!

Friday, January 11, 2019 05:10:57 PM UTC

Y I K E S!

Is it her birthday?..Today??

Everyone has felt the jaw-dropping, stomach tightening panic of a birthday forgotten.

But with a little quick thinking (and wifi :)) a birthday forgotten can be transformed into a birthday remembered in an instant.

eGifts are the perfect way to be thoughtful (at the last minute), in a way that feels very “on-time”.

Extra points go to those eGifts that can be delivered to the lucky recipient in their favorite way (Email, Slack, Text, or Facebook),  so it is sure to be received moments after it's sent.

Gifts (like Sugarwish) that can do all that-- and allow the recipient to make the final selections in their gift (ensuring that they'll LOVE what they get) takes this gifting concept to a deliciously NEW level.  It’s a good thing you don’t need to forget a birthday to send one :).

Sweet BIRTHDAY happiness. Delivered.  #theydeservecandy

HO HO HO. Santagrams are here! (Let them know they made the Nice List!)

Friday, November 23, 2018 04:29:44 PM UTC

HO HO HO. Santagrams are here!

(Let them know they made the Nice List!)

This time of year, nothing beats getting a top spot on the North Poles most coveted list.   And what better way to find out that your good deeds and kind acts have paid off then hearing it directly from Santa himself!

Sending a Sugarwish Santagram lets them know they made the Nice List in the sweetest way possible. Recipients get to choose their very favorite candies from a virtual Holiday Sweet Shoppe.  And the extra special touch of custom Santagram packaging adds to the magic of the season—and the gift!   



Wednesday, September 19, 2018 12:24:06 AM UTC

The mass appeal (and time commitment!) of prepping for Halloween—makes the “getting ready” an event all its own.  The perfect costume (for the kids, the dog, and you!), the extravagant decorations ----and all of the CREEPY details in between can make for some SCARY Halloween pressure.  So how do you ensure that you can pull off the SHRIEK-worthy party you’ve imagined?    BOO! 'em in a whole new way!   

The Sugarwish Halloween Sweet Shoppe is an EEK-inspiring Pop-Up that arrives dressed to impress. With 6 deliciously mouth-watering selections, an adorable scoop and striped candy bags, this POP-UP is ready to treat even the most discriminating ghouls and goblins. This Show-Stopping Sweet Shoppe turns any table-top into a Halloween Treat Shoppe (no costume required:)) ---and it will pretty much guarantee you a “win” for favorite Witch on the block. No Tricks. All Treats. Happy Halloween. Delivered. 

Small personal touch

Friday, August 24, 2018 10:23:05 AM UTC

We love this! "Customer service is something you have to do, but delight is something you do because you want to!"

Read this excerpt from a recent article featured on by Melanie Deziel to see what we are talking about. 

This Small Personal Touch Will Make a Huge Difference in Your Business

By Melanie Deziel 


Thanking Clients, Customers & Partners

I travel a tremendous amount to speak at conferences and do corporate workshops on brand storytelling. With more than 110K miles traveled last year, the venues, hotels, events and more can start to mush together. But the organizers, events and venues that I remember most fondly are those that go the extra mile to show their appreciation in interesting and delightful ways.

"Delight and customer service are often used as synonyms, but I believe there is a key difference between the two," Jessika Phillips, of Now Marketing Group, which focuses on relationship marketing as a path for growth. "Customer service is something you have to do, but delight is something you do because you want to!" After I taught a class for Phillips' Magnet Marketers course, she delighted me with a Sugarwish, which allowed me to pick my favorite candy as a thank you.

Several conferences have offered useful customized speakers gifts to show appreciation, and one conference sponsor gave speakers a handy "speaker emergency kit" with things we might need in a pinch, like stain remover, breath freshener and band aids. A few conference hotels have even delighted me by having a handwritten welcome note or gift basket with local snacks in the room when I arrived after a long flight. One corporate host gave me some locally grown flowers to take home.

When it comes time to decide which conferences to attend and where to stay, you can bet that extra effort and thanks will come into consideration!

Instant e-Gratification!

Thursday, July 26, 2018 01:24:41 AM UTC

Instant e-Gratification!

Gifting can be a Snap! (Slack or Text :)). The very best e-Gifts are the ones that delight them in THEIR favorite way and show up on time (and at lightening speed!

Whether they Snap, Slack, Text, Email or chat on Facebook — now they don't have to unplug from their favorite App to receive their Birthday, Holiday or Thank You gift! 

Because while it may be the “thought" that counts—the key is to be sure that they get the message (and the gift) you are sending.

Gift them where they are - with a gift that is sure to get their double tap of approval. 

#sendittheirway #textwish #snapwish #slackwish


(pssst…Sugarwish can eGift ALL ways!)

Have Candy. Will travel (happily!).

Monday, June 11, 2018 10:34:54 AM UTC

Great Travel Gifts to Get Him - And Borrow Yourself / by Lois Alter Mark via is filled with the latest travel must-haves including one particularly sweet suggestion that allows him to receive his gift in an instant (no matter where he is) and then delivers him HIS favorite treats to keep him company en route!

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