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Secret Santa

Sunday, December 13, 2015 05:12:28 PM UTC

Shhhh. It’s a Secret (...Santa :))

Secret Santa (the tradition of giving a little gift to someone... and letting “the guy in the big red suit" take the credit) has become as much of a sign of the season as snowball fights and hot cocoa. 

So what’s all the hype? We think it has to do with the fact that receiving (or giving) a Secret Santa gift is one of the few ways that grown-ups are able to get in on the “magic” of the holidays too.  

Secret Santa’s have a way of making everyone feel included and invited to join in on the fun this time of year ( only something sent from the North Pole and wrapped by elves can do.) Makes us wanna send one right now.  


Corporate Gifts

Monday, November 2, 2015 05:18:08 PM UTC

The Next Generation of Corporate Gifts.

(How to bring a whole lot more to the table.)

A great gift can lead to new business, greater employee satisfaction, stronger relationships and more.  Gifting is no longer a once a year, holiday time acknowledgement.  Gifts can be used for anything from business branding and incentivizing employees, to building closer relationships with clients and partners.


Below are a few Corporate Gifting Guidelines to help you “bring more to the table”.


1) Your gift is a reflection of you.

Everyone wants to make a great first impression.  And we’ve found that packaging is as important, to most people, as what’s inside.  The initial impression will stay with them long after the gifts is gone, so be sure your gift is “dressed to impress”.


2) Timing is everything.  

If you are going to send a gesture of thanks, kudos or congratulations, it should be sent right away. Congratulations that comes a week or two after they got their big “win" will feel like an afterthought.  Gifts that can be sent instantly (when you realize that you need to acknowledge “that special person” --today!!), can make you look like you are totally on the ball—even when you‘re totally not.


3) Never underestimate the power of a good experience.

The more fun you can make the gift for the receiver, the more memorable, and appreciated, it will be.  The experience that the gift provides is as important as the gift (or, dare we say, even more important).    What is said about people-- can also be said for gifting. Be fun, and rest assured, you will be remembered. :)


4) Know your customer—or at least make them feel like you do.  

They key to a great gift is when your receiver thinks “Wow! She really knows me.”  If they think you know what they want, or more importantly, If they think you care what they want—it can make all the difference. The more you can customize a gift (or better yet, let them customize it so they get exactly what they like) the more of a perfect fit, and a better gift it will be.


#corporategifts #giftguide 

It's Boo time!

Friday, October 9, 2015 04:23:46 AM UTC

It’s Boo time!                                                                                                                                                                              

Spreading Halloween cheer, one sweet surprise at a time. Who would have guessed that the spookiest holiday of the year would inspire so much sweetness? Boo-ing is a tradition of giving a “little something” (often anonymously) just to lift another’s “spirits”. It’s done everywhere, from small towns to big cities, and is the perfect way to stir up the excitement of the season. Boo-ing is gift giving at its finest---done with the sole purpose of spreading a little “happy” to someone else. And it’s contagious.  As soon as you’ve been Boo’d there is this “hot potato” like feeling that makes you want to Boo someone too. Boo given. Boo received. Boo given. Boo received. And so it goes. Ready? Set? Get them before they get you. :)  Send one now with our new Boo eCard!


#itssugarwishtime #sendavirtualboo

A Good Sign

Friday, September 4, 2015 06:40:50 AM UTC

 If you were waiting for a good it is! :) 

Writing The Next Chapter

Monday, August 24, 2015 10:28:09 AM UTC

This time of year we see a ton of Sugarwish gifts being sent to new and returning college students. 

We love that we’re their first delivery of the school year….Off to college to begin a whole new chapter... authored by them. 

No more proofreading. They’ll be their own editor from this point on.

It’s the epitome of bittersweet. With more sweet than bitter,  it marks the end of so much...but the start of so much more. 

Here’s to their sweet future…. and the role they'll write in for you. (Hoping it’s a biggie. :))

 #moderndaycarepackage #sugarwishdelivers #leadrole

Inspiring or Inspired?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 06:12:38 AM UTC

Yesterday, we were asked to tell our startup story…to serve as an inspiration for some amazing campers/budding entrepreneurs. 

In turn, we met a group of 12-16 year olds from across the globe, who were able to gracefully articulate their plans to create something that might change the world.

By the end of the afternoon, Sugarwish Headquarters was buzzing with excitement… and fully charged by the energy that was oozing out of these amazing kids.  

We’re pretty sure that we got at least as much out of today’s visit as they did. (Maybe more! :))  

Sweet inspiration. delivered. 

Send Good Juju

Monday, July 27, 2015 04:12:09 AM UTC

Luck. Magic. Happiness. Good Karma

No matter what you call it, everyone can use some.

You can send a Sugarwish using our new “Good Juju” eCard today, and start spreading the love.

You know what they say about sending good juju into the world....It’ll come back in spades (or candy!)


(*pssst…..If you send a "Good JuJu" eCard anytime this week, keep your eyes on your mailbox. Payback is sweet!)




send one now


Operation U Deserve Candy

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 12:48:06 PM UTC

Operation U Deserve Candy.  Dare we say it's our "calling"? Who knows....but we're obsessed with delivering happiness (and candy) to those who deserve it.  We are setting out to sweeten the world--one Sugawrish at a time.  And you just never know who might be next.  #couldbeyou :) 



Like A Girl!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 05:15:48 AM UTC

Hey there Girls!

We are totally enegrized and inspired by the Women's World Cup.  As female business owners, we love to see strong women doing amazing things.  So we are challenging ourselves to go out there and dream bigger. The world is our soccer field (our boardroom, our campaign trail, our operating room, our sports team, our company…etc…).  So let's pull a Carli Lloyd and shoot from way back in midfield!!! Lets get out there and score big.

#ChangetheWorld #likeagirl #shebelieves 

Hello Summer!

Monday, June 22, 2015 11:31:25 AM UTC

Dear (Sweet!) Summer,

We’ve missed your long days, starry nights, warm breezes, perfect beach days, flickering fireflies, chirping crickets, fresh cut grass, slip and slides, lemonade stands, diving contests, (belly flop contests :)), water balloon fights, BBQ’s, hammocks, watermelon slices, firework shows, and flip flops. 

You are the “weekend" of all seasons——welcome back!


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