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Work (from home) Fuel!

Thursday, July 16, 2020 06:21:57 PM UTC

As a remote work environment continues to be the norm for many, the importance of feeling connected and staying motivated becomes increasingly important.  

Virtual meetings, conferences ,and even an ordinary workday---can all be elevated and improved with a little sweetness.
Letting them choose some Work Fuel (aka their favorite treats shipped directly to their door!) will delight them with some good old fashioned happiness — a total morale boost too! 

Back to School FUEL

Thursday, August 15, 2019 06:51:20 PM UTC

What’s the #1 most important school supply? 


If you want to be sure they're totally prepped, pumped, psyched, stoked, and ready for a great year ahead, send a little something to help them get their school-time mojo back.  (psst… nothing says “you got this” like candy! :)

# sendaSugarwish #theydeservecandy #sweetSchoolSupplies

All Moms Want The Same Thing for Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 03:51:52 AM UTC

Whether she’s serious, silly, feisty or totally laid back --when it comes to gifting right for Mother’s Day, all moms want exactly the same thing.Because no matter what type of person she is, a mom’s greatest joy comes from knowing that she's adored by those who qualified her for one of life's most prestigious titles. :)

As corny as it sounds, a sincere expression of love from your kids is, by far, the best gift of all. 

So celebrate this Mother’s Day by sending her a heartfelt sentiment (along with a little something sweet) to let her know that you love her a million times a million, to the moon and back, more than all of the stars in the galaxy, and to infinity ---and way beyond!  #momsdeserveloveandcandy

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