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Thursday, April 7, 2016 10:06:22 AM UTC

Sweet-tistics 101

(where math and candy collide)


Some businesses love to dig deep into the numbers.  We love it too.  (Candy numbers…that is.) And with 3 years of experience behind us, we feel confident about reporting results that many people might find a bit surprising (...or at least mouth watering.) 

Since the receiver is choosing their favorites—our insider information is coming directly from proverbial "horses mouth”. And we can tell you one thing for sure…...the horse has got a major sweet tooth! :)  

We looked closely at data collected from a random sample of our orders from Q1 (January- March), allowing for certain essential variants and variables (kinda :)).  We wanted to provide the purest--and the sweetest, results possible.  

And what did we find? (drumroll here……..)

Our most popular candy since the start of 2016? Swedish fish.  They take 1st prize by a very, (very) large margin.

When the swedish fish factor was taken out of the equation, we found that the current favorites are as follows:

Women's top pick?  Gummy peach rings.

Men’s favorite? Reeses pieces.

Kids choice? Number 1, top choice was rainbow belts.

(Hmmm.....Is it snack time, yet? :))

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