Our Coffees & Teas

We collected the 20 best single-origin coffees and gourmet blends from two award-winning, Colorado-based craft coffee roasters. Then, we combined those selections with organic and sustainably-sourced teas and decadent biscotti flavors to round out our Coffee & Tea offerings. The best part? Whatever flavor profile they like or caffeine punch they're searching for, your recipients always get to customize their choices!


Joyful Java

Our coffees are roasted in small batches to ensure full-bodied flavor guaranteeing your recipient gets the cup o' joe they want.


Blissful Beans

Each selection is individually packaged and will make up to 1 pot of coffee. Plus, your recipient can choose whole bean or ground.


Tea- riffic

Our organic teas are pleasing for every palate and make tea time the best part of the day. Each selection comes with 10 tea bags.


Dip or Dunk?

Your recipient can elevate their sipping experience with one of our 4 delicious biscotti flavors - perfect for dunking. YUM!

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