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Employee Retention: How Sugarwish Can Boost Morale and Job Satisfaction

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A brand-new Microsoft & LinkedIn Work Trend Report has revealed that a staggering 46% of people are contemplating leaving their jobs, a record high since the Great Reshuffle. 

The report also highlighted that 85% of U.S. professionals are actively seeking new opportunities – a nod that suggests The Big Stay trend might finally be coming to an end. 

Furthermore, the growing trends towards ‘dry promotions’ make it crucial for companies to focus on creative and thoughtful perks that can influence employee satisfaction.

Sugarwish’s unique gifting model that allows buyers to send personalized gifts instantly can play a critical role for companies looking to increase employee satisfaction. 

As the pioneer behind the “recipient picks” approach, Sugarwish gifts are unparalleled in their ease for the buyer and joy for the recipient. 

Sugarwish’s tech-driven gifting platform has been delivering happiness since 2012, and our unique approach to gifting has proven to foster engagement, boost morale, and enhance job satisfaction.

Our data indicates that companies using Sugarwish have seen a significant increase in employee retention. It’s therefore no surprise that 70% of Fortune 500 Companies rely on Sugarwish as a powerful tool for employee recognition and happiness!

Is your company looking for a fun and unique way to restore happiness to the workplace and increase employee retention? 

Create your free Sugarwish account today and we’ll connect you with a personal Gift Concierge to help! 


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