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Don’t Forget Galentine’s Day!

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What’s Galentine’s Day, you may ask?

February 13th is Galentine’s Day … the BEST day of the year to celebrate all your gal pals near and far. 

Let them know they're appreciated and deserve to get EXACTLY what they want, whether that’s sweets, candles, wine, cocktails, or more! 

Upload a photo of your #squad to make the custom card complete. We’ll deliver it via email, text, social media, or however you choose to send their gift – and also include a printed version in the gift box we deliver to their door! 

Cement yourself into the gal pal hall of fame this Galentine’s Day with a “thinking of you” gesture they will LOVE. 

Pro Tip: Our handy-dandy multi-use WishLinks are perfect for sending love (and treats!) to the entire ladies group chat!

Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague or loved one through email or text.

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