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Introducing... the Candles Sugarwish!

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Give the gift of luxury and nostalgia with our thoughtfully curated collection of candles. From mood lifting scents to candles celebrating life’s milestone moments - they’ll be glowing with delight in choosing their favorites.


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Non-toxic, phthalate-free essential oils and fragrances provide varying scents that transport you to luxury destinations, keep your home fresh and your mind clear.

Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories Candle Image

Scents can trigger nostalgia and memorable moments in the best way. These scents will remind you of holiday kitchens and warm fireside chats from years ago.

Milestone Moments

Milestone Moment Candle Image

There are always events we want to savor. Fragrances can infuse those with even greater meaning and memory whether it’s celebrating a new job, a birthday or just expressing gratitude.

House Warmers

House Warmers Candle Image

The variations in scents can take their home from a woodsy cabin to a beachfront cottage listening to breaking waves.

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