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Introducing... the Gourmet Dips & Jams Sugarwish!

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Our Gourmet Dips & Jams Sugarwish offers something for everyone, allowing recipients to choose their favorites from 20+ options of delicious mustards, savory and sweet jams, and zippy dips. 

Their choices will be carefully packaged and delivered straight to their door in our signature culinary gift box! 

Your recipient will choose from 20 + options of joyful jams, punchy mustards and delicious dips.


You pick the size

You can send from 1-4 jars, depending on the gift size you choose.

They choose their favorites

They'll love our gourmet selection of tasty Jams, Mustards and Dips.

We deliver!

We'll ship their mouth-watering choices to their door in a gorgeous box with their card included.

They'll Get To Pick From: 

image of dark-colored jam with spoon spreader

Joyful Jams – All-natural jams, bursting with fruity, nutty, and even bacon-infused flavors!

spreadable dip image

Delicious Dips – Possibilities are endless with these dips, ranging from spicy to sweet to simply have-to taste.

image of yellow mustard with a spoon spreader

Savory Mustards – Taking tangy to a whole new level - our mustard options can impress even the toughest critics!


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