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It's Boo time!

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Spreading Halloween spirit, one sweet surprise at a time. Who would have guessed that the spookiest holiday of the year would inspire so much sweetness? 

Boo-ing is a tradition of giving a ‘little something’ (often anonymously) just to lift another’s spirit. It’s done everywhere leading up to Halloween, from small towns to big cities, and is the perfect way to stir up the excitement of the season. 

Boo-ing is done with the sole purpose of spreading a little happiness to someone else. And it’s contagious.  As soon as you’ve been Boo’d there is this “hot potato”-like feeling that makes you want to Boo someone too!

Boo given. 👻Boo received. 👻Boo given. 👻Boo received. 👻And so it goes. 👻

Ready? Set? Get them before they get you. 🎃 Send one now with our new Boo eCard!

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