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Key Gifting Moments This Month 🤩

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Looking to plan ahead for your Spring gifting? 

Here’s a taste of what’s coming up in April!

Customer Appreciation Day (4/18)

Customers who feel appreciated are more likely to stick around!

Volunteer Recognition Day (4/20)

Volunteers give their time & effort to help make the world a better place!

Administrative Professionals Day (4/24)

Your Admins = the MVPs who keep you on time, on schedule, and on task. 

Take Your Child to Work Day (4/25)

Celebrate all the kiddos "helping out" in the office this week with a Party Sized Sugarwish for all to enjoy.

With a Sugarwish, you can send a gift instantly OR schedule it to arrive at a specific time and date! 🙌 

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