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Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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For once, it’s all about her – so why not let her pick exactly what she wants? This Mother’s Day, celebrate the moms, aunts, grandmas, and other mother-figures in your life with a Sugarwish!

We have Sugarwishes for every type of Mom… 

  • For Moms that keep a "hidden" stash of sweets somewhere... send a Candy or Cookie Sugarwish!

  • For Moms that could use a little "time out" of their own... send a Coffee & Tea or Wine Sugarwish!

  • For Moms that sometimes get a little SALTY (probably because of something you did 😉)… send a Snack or Popcorn Sugarwish!

  • For Moms who love gifts they can put on display… send a Candle or Flowers Sugarwish!

  • And finally, for Moms whose favorite child has 4 legs and a fur coat... send a Dog Treats Sugarwish!

Want to let her choose more than just the flavors? Send the Mother's Day Sugarwish, and let Mom pick from Candy, Cookies, Wine, Flowers or Candles – and then pick her favorites from that category!

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Showing love and gratitude to the mother figures in your life has never been easier… or sweeter! The perfect Mother’s Day gift is just an email or text away. What are you waiting for? 

Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague or loved one through email or text.

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