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Our Most Luxurious Gift Yet!

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Introducing our most luxurious gift yet… the Holiday Luxe Sugarwish! 

Send them a choice of fresh flowers and plants, ultra premium wines, wine tastings, or candles – they’ll get to choose which type they want AND which flavors, scents, or flowers they like best.

Special touches like beautiful packaging and customized cards complete the luxurious Sugarwish gifting experience. 

Sending a quality gift they’ll love has never been more simple… or more delightful!

Fresh Flowers

From colorful bouquets to classic favorites and peaceful plants - our farm to doorstep gifts are sure to deliver happiness in bunches.

Wine Tour

Your recipient chooses their favorite wines from over 30 single-tasting options or specially curated tasting boxes. Each wine comes in an individually-sealed 100mL tube, perfect for discovering new experiences!

Calming Candles

Your recipient can choose from over 25 different scents whether they're looking to celebrate an occasion, match their mood or just spice up their home or office.

Ultimate Treat

From invigorating whites to rich, velvety reds, your recipient is sure to find a palate-pleaser they'll love.

Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague or loved one through email or text.

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