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Send Holiday Cheers

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The holidays are the perfect time to say cheers to your friends and family! Send our new Holiday Cheers Sugarwish gift where they get to choose their favorite holiday libations!


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If they choose wines, they'll love our selection of velvety reds and vibrant whites.


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If they choose cocktails, they get to select their favorite premium cocktails hand-crafted from all-natural ingredients - just add ice!


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If they choose mixers, they'll be astounded by our amazing selection of hand-crafted mixers made from all-natural ingredients and fresh fruit. These bevvies make the perfect mocktail or cocktail when paired with the spirit of their choice.

WINE TASTINGSWine Tastings Image

If they choose a wine tasting, they get to select their favorite wines from over 30 single-tasting options or choose a specially-curated tasting box.

The finishing (festive) touch!

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Choose the perfect card from our Holiday collection, and add a custom message to make their Sugarwish extra special!

Send a sweet gift to your friend, colleague or loved one through email or text.

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