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With our robust corporate platform, it’s clear why 70% of Fortune 500 Companies use Sugarwish to deliver happiness!

Take a look at just a few ways that businesses across the country have used Sugarwish as a powerful rewards, recognition and marketing tool: 

OneStaff Medical

One Staff Medical has been providing weekly welcome treats and personalized birthday gifts to its team of traveling nurses since 2017!

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“We have used Sugarwish for a few years now and it’s been a great way to send our travelers a small welcome or birthday gift. Our travelers love having the option to choose what they receive, rather than us sending everyone the same gift. Using Sugarwish also saves us the hassle of gathering addresses and making sure they are current. Working with our rep, makes the process super simple and less time consuming. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving something sweet to eat?” 

Cantor Colburn

Cantor Colburn knows firsthand how Sugarwish can be utilized as a creative opportunity to foster employee engagement, strengthen relationships with customers and impact overall culture.

Sugarwish Appreciation wishes banner

“The experience is impressive as a gift giver and recipient. Sugarwish is bringing civility and courtesy to the workplace. I am really enjoying the thank you notes; enabling people to be kinder to each other, more present, appreciative and more connected.”

Sweatpants Agency 

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"This is the easiest way to show your clients that you appreciate them & to stay top of mind." Reciprocity is a powerful marketing principle. We use Sugarwish to close more deals and to show our clients that we care."

Southwest Airlines

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“Working with Sugarwish is a fabulous experience from start to finish. The Sugarwish team is responsive, full of ideas, and provides excellent design work. We recently used Sugarwish for an employee ‘surprise & delight’ during our Southwest Hospitality Week, and everyone loved the pop-up candy shop boxes. Sugarwish makes it easy to customize your candy, delivery method, and personalized message options. I love sharing the magic of Sugarwish with colleagues & friends!”


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"Sugarwish has been such an amazing company to partner with for our gifting program! Their popcorn is delicious and working with the team is always an efficient, and enjoyable experience. Sugarwish really went above and beyond for us - even partnering to create custom boxes and packaging. I'm so happy I found Sugarwish - it's always such a crowd pleaser for our partners and makes us look so good!"


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