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Taste of Home: "We’re obsessed!"

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Did you catch us on Taste of Home's "Stuff We Love" this holiday season? 

Madi Koetting from Taste of Home shares everything you need to know about Sugarwish:

"We’re firm believers that the best gifts are ones that keep on giving (read: they’re filled with yummy treats). If they’re customized to the giftee and work for any occasion, even better. Sugarwish checks all these boxes—and more. We’re obsessed with the fact that all the decision making is in the hands of the recipient. Meaning, no more second guessing if that trinket or salted caramel coffee you’re sending will be a hit or miss. Your loved one picks out exactly what they want...

"What is a Sugarwish? It’s the sweetest care package to send to friends and family without having to guess their favorite treats. Sugarwish makes it easy to send a gift they’ll actually use (and eat) by sending the recipient a link to select what they want in their gift box. The sender picks what size box and type they want to send, and the recipient customizes their ultimate snack. With options for selecting candy, cookies, popcorn, savory snacks, cotton candy, coffee and tea, wine and even dog treats, the gift-giving options are endless..

"There’s a lot to love about Sugarwish. For starters, there’s multiple box options available depending on the recipient’s tastebuds. And there’s more than just candy available. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a blowout special occasion to send a loved one a Sugarwish. The smallest box option starts at two treats per box, which is ideal as a gift idea for someone who just got a new job or a gift for a friend going through a hard time.

Read more from Madi Koetting and Taste of Home here. 


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