HAPPY (not belated) Birthday!

Friday, January 11, 2019 05:10:57 PM UTC

Y I K E S!

Is it her birthday?..Today??

Everyone has felt the jaw-dropping, stomach tightening panic of a birthday forgotten.

But with a little quick thinking (and wifi :)) a birthday forgotten can be transformed into a birthday remembered in an instant.

eGifts are the perfect way to be thoughtful (at the last minute), in a way that feels very “on-time”.

Extra points go to those eGifts that can be delivered to the lucky recipient in their favorite way (Email, Slack, Text, or Facebook),  so it is sure to be received moments after it's sent.

Gifts (like Sugarwish) that can do all that-- and allow the recipient to make the final selections in their gift (ensuring that they'll LOVE what they get) takes this gifting concept to a deliciously NEW level.  It’s a good thing you don’t need to forget a birthday to send one :).

Sweet BIRTHDAY happiness. Delivered.  #theydeservecandy