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More than 350 Fortune 500 companies use Sugarwish to appreciate, celebrate, and motivate their teams.

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Corporate Success Stories

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Jessika Phillips


Get a great engaged response

“I stumbled upon Sugarwish in 2016 and I’ve been a super fan (and super user) ever since! An added & unintentional benefit of using Sugarwish regularly (like seriously almost daily) is I’ve been tagged online by everyone who’s received a gift from me. These posts tend to get a great engaged response and has grown awareness around who I (and my agency, NOW Marketing Group) am and what it’s like to work with me/us. Showing just how much thought & care that’s put into each relationship. I can’t say enough great things about Sugarwish & love being their biggest fan!”

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Eric Carlson


Close more deals

"Reciprocity is a powerful marketing principle. We use Sugarwish to close more deals and to show our clients that we care."

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John Spears

Chief Revenue and
Strategy Officer

Land countless new leads

“Sugarwish is the best way to send gifts not only to make employees feel rewarded, but to expand your book of business. Sugarwish has helped us to stay top-of-mind with our clients, land countless new leads, and boost ROI all while making our clients and prospects feel massively making our clients and prospects feel massively important to us. It is a relationship curator that lasts.”

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Corporate Gifting Features

Memorable Connections

Sending a Sugarwish will keep you top-of-mind with your clients and prospects. It's immediate, scalable, personal, shareable, and delicious.

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Easiest Way to Give

A Sugarwish gift can be sent instantly to clients, prospects or staff via email, text, Slack or social media. What could be easier or sweeter?

Showcase Your Brand

Custom branding options personalize your gifts. Leverage Sugarwish to boost your ROI.

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Bennet Hirschhorn

VP Sales - Grand Rounds

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“I mean seriously - resulted in 3 tough to get meetings already.“

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A Note from Us

We created Sugarwish to make gifting simple, delightful and a thrilling success 100% of the time! While that might seem like an unrealistic goal, we were confident we could make it happen. And now with candy, popcorn, cookies, and snacks to choose from...we might need to raise our expectations a bit. :)

We hope you’ll enjoy delivering happiness through Sugarwish as much as we LOVE making it a possibility!

Elisabeth & Leslie

the founders