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Best Snack Gift Ever!

Invite your favorite people to choose savory-sweet treats via email, text or social media.

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The most adorable, delicious, and elevated gifts.

Best gift for coworkers.

A choose-your-own treat adventure.

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Most Craved Snacks

Crunchy roasted nuts, sweet-and-salty trail mixes, chewy dried fruits, and marvelous miscellaneous (peanut butter pretzel bites, anyone?), our tummy-yummy snack gift choices have something for everyone - and a few surprises. We have a knack for snacks!

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Personalized Snack Boxes

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How it Works


You pick the gift

You choose the size of the snack gift you want to send.

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howitworks snacks image


They select their favorites

They choose from dozens of options to get exactly what they want.


We deliver with care

We box up their choices in our signature awning box and deliver directly to their door.

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Cute and Recyclable!

All our snacks are packed in cute individual containers that are airtight, heat resistant, and recyclable. Each cup is labeled with nutrition facts and an ingredient list. Toss a snack in any pack! (And dig our new (truly) green boxes.)

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A Note from Us

When we started Sugarwish, we set out to improve the way people gift. We wanted to create something that delighted both the buyer and the receiver. Soon, delighting our customers became an obsession. It is now the ultimate goal behind every decision we make and everything we do! While we thought we were creating a gifting company, we ended up in the Happiness business (and we couldn’t be happier about it!).

We hope you’ll enjoy delivering happiness through Sugarwish as much as we LOVE making it possible.

Elisabeth & Leslie

the founders